Shaanxi San Qin International Student Scholarship

Since 2015, Shaan’xi province will set up ‘Shaanxi San Qin International Student Scholarship’ to encourage and attract more outstanding international students to study in Shaanxi province.

1.Supporting Categories:
On-campus Degree Students including Undergraduates and Postgraduates except freshmen.

2.Scholarship Standards:
Undergraduates: RMB 13,000 yuan;
Master Students: RMB 20,000 yuan;
PhD Students: RMB 30,000 yuan.

3.Application Requirements:
1) Applicants must be on-campus Degree Students of Xi’an Jiaotong University, holding valid foreign passports and in a healthy condition.
2) Applicants should have good behavior and grades, the score of every compulsory course of the applying year should be no less than 70 points.
3) Applicants must be not in receipt of any other scholarship.
4) Age Requirements:
A maximum of 25 years old for Undergraduates;
A maximum of 30 years old for Master Students;
A maximum of 35 years old for PhD Students.

4.Application Materials:
1) International Students Scholarship Application Form;
2) Last year’s transcript;
3) Two recommendation letters are required for Postgraduates applicants including Master Students and PhD Students.

5.Contact Information:

Non-Medical Majors:
International Students’ Affairs Office,
A907, Show Foreign Building, Xingqing Campus
Phone: 029-82668812

Medical Majors:
International Students’ Affairs Office, Yanta Campus
Phone: 029-82655450