Chinese Language / BACHELOR

Program Review








1. Chinese Language Skill

Mandarin Pronunciation, Comprehensive Chinese, Chinese Listening, Chinese Speaking, Chinese Reading, Chinese Writing, Chinese Audiovisual-oral Instruction, Modern Topics, Chinese Translation, Business Chinese, News Reading  

2. Linguistic Knowledge

Chinese Characters Introduction, Modern Chinese, Classical Chinese, Shaanxi Dialect

3. Literature and History Knowledge

Chinese Contemporary Literature, Chinese Classical Literature, Chinese Culture Introduction, Outline of China, Concise Chinese History, Selective Reading of Chinese Idioms

4. Others

Introduction to Chinese Economy and Trade, Computer Network Application



1. Chinese Language Skill

Comprehensive Chinese, Chinese Listening, Chinese Speaking, Mandarin Pronunciation, Public Speaking, Secretarial Writing

2.Linguistic, Literature, Culture

Chinese Contemporary Literature, Chinese Classical Literature, Concise Chinese History, Modern Chinese, Classical Chinese, Chinese Culture Introduction, General Introduction to China, Shaanxi Dialect

3. English Language Skill

Comprehensive English, English Speaking, Business English Writing, English-Chinese Translation

4. Commercial Knowledge

Introduction to Chinese Economy and Trade, Commercial Cases Study, Micro-economics, Macro-economics, International Marketing, Modern Commercial Etiquette


Computer Network Application

Graduation Requirement

155 credits is required for graduation.

Employment Guidance

Chinese Language and Literature Branch

Chinese culture scholar, Chinese teacher for international students, Cultural Consultant and other jobs relevant to Chinese language.

Business Chinese Branch

Translator, Business Secretary, and other relevant jobs.

  • Requirment

    1. Above 18 years of age, & with good health status.

    2. Valid ordinary passport.

    3. High school / senior secondary or advanced diploma

    Application Procedures:

    1. Online application (;

    2. Prepare required application materials,for detailed information please go to the school website :;

    3. Pay the application fee (Account information is in the attachment);

    4. Submit the application materials. (Send to Admission Office of School of International Education by post or personal email)

  • Degree Type: BACHELOR
  • Application fee:500 RMB
  • Tuition:20,000 RMB/Year
  • Application Deadline:2016-07-31