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     On April 8, 2017, the Malaysians Jiaoda Run 3.0 event was being held in Xi’an Jiaotong Yan Ta Campus. The Jiaoda Run event is an annual event organized by Malaysian Students of Xi’an Jiaotong University. The third Jiaoda Run event with a theme of “WE ARE ONE”. This year we have games from four other foreign countries which are Thailand, India, China and Korea.

   For this year’s Jiaoda Run, there are 82 participants joining the event, which are consist of the Malaysians students, international students and Chinese students. The objective of this event is to introduce and promote childhood games of Malaysia and other foreign countries in order to strengthen the bond between the Malaysians students, international students and Chinese students, also to reminiscence our childhood and bring the good memories back.

    The highlights of this event are the childhood games from Thailand which is titled as “Mother Chicken”, Indian childhood game called “Eating the Hanged Cucumber”, China’s Hop A Little childhood game and Korean’s skipping rope. As for the Malaysian’s childhood games, we played a few games called “Mini Sport” such as “Run in a Sack”, “Three-legged Game”, and the Tug of War game.

 Mother Chicken” of Thai Students

 Eating the Hanged Cucumber” of Indian Students

 Skipping Rope” of Korea Students 

Run In a Sack” of Malaysia Students

Tug of War” of Malaysia Students

Three-legged Game” of Malaysia Students

Hop A Little” between Chinese students and international students

    At the end of the event, we held the awarding ceremony of Jiaoda Run 3.0 which were attended by the Malaysian General Consulate, Tan Li Lung and his colleagues, Mr. Amran, Mr. Zhang Hua  and Ms. Lan Xueping was also there to represent the School of International Students at our event. We express our gratitude to the Malaysian Consulate and the School of International Students administration office for their support and cooperation.