Foreign Students Chinese Fun Sports Meeting

Author: ZHOU Chengcheng Posttime:2015-05-26

There was laughter flying in the playground among foreign students on May 13th, because this was the day of the Chinese Fun Sports Meeting for all 2014 medical major students. There were four events:

Three Legs Running,Ping-pong Relay, Chinese Zodiac Puzzle Guess and Rope Skipping. In each event, each team not only needs to compete for the speed, but also needs to answer the Chinese questions within the limited time. For some foreign students, it was the first time to take most of the events. It was not easy, but they were very interested in them and had practiced them a week ahead of the Fun Sports Meeting.

During each event, every team performed very good team work, and all competitors respectedfor the equality, justice and mutual assistance. Moreover, some students were resourceful in responding to the questionswithin a short time. All students and teachers had a great joy. After fierce competition, 3ofthe6classes proved their outstanding performance and ranked the top three. Compared with the rank, students valued the joy of each event more. One student shared her feelings: “May 13th was the best day of my life.We had so much fun even when my class lost inthe end. It doesn’t matter.We had the best day of our life. Thank all thoseteachers of XJTUfor organizing such an amazing meeting for us.”

“We got a lot of fun and the sports meeting makes our class more harmony.”SaidMi Wen from class 6. Although the FunSports Meeting was over, the great joy was still around us. The FunSports Meeting not only brought students and teachers together, but also ignitedstudents' interest in learning Chinese.