1. Living in XJTU

Accommodation for international students of Xi'an Jiaotong University (XJTU) is offered on two campuses——Yanta campus and Xingqing campus. 
Students who major in Medicine and Finance live in the Yanta campus. The dormitory buildings here are supported with good living facilities and reasonable layout, such as bathrooms and shower. They are also furnished with classrooms, communal kitchens, dining room and laundry. They are within easy walking distance of our teaching buildings and library.
Except Medicine and Finance majors, Students who major in other subjects live in the Xingqing campus. There are several kinds of rooms for different kinds of students, for example:
1.West No.7 Building: MOFCOM Scholarship (including MPA program) students.
2.West No. 8 building for scholarship students of Chinese Government, Confucius Institute and exchange students.
3.West No. 13 building is for other self-financed international students.
Surroundings around these buildings are quiet and beautiful. Social and sporting facilities are close to the accommodation. It is within easy walking distance of school canteens, basketball courts and football fields etc. Classrooms and library are beside accommodation as well. All dormitory buildings are conveniently located for public transport, shops and restaurants.
With the spirit of “people-oriented, service first”, we are dedicating to creating elegant living environment and relaxing learning atmosphere for our students and making the university as their second hometown. We aim to making students from different countries and different nationalities enjoy their life here.

2. Accommodation Fee

Accommodation fee in Xingqing Campus
Accommodation fee in Yanta Campus

3. How to Check-in


4. Environment

West No.13 Building West No.13 Building 

No.8 Doubel RoomWest No.8 Building Double Room

No.8 Double Room  W.13 Single Room Ⅰ W.13 Single Room TypeⅡ W.13 Single Room TypeⅠW.13 Single Room TypeⅠ

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