College and Departments

School of Mechanical Engineering Industrial Design , Measuring & Control Technology and Instrumentations (Mechanical) , Vehicle Engineering , Mechanical Engineering , Instrument Science and Technology
School of Energy & Power Engineering New Energy Science and Technology , Environmental Engineering , Nuclear Engineering and Technology , Thermal Power Engineering , Management in Energy , Nuclear Science and Technology
School of Electrical Engineering Measuring & Control Technology and Instrumentations (Electrical) , Electrical Engineering and Automation , Electrical Engineering
School of Electronic and Information Engineering Things Engineering , Microelectronic Science and Engineering , Automation , Information Engineering , Electronic Science and Technology , Information and Communication Engineering , Control Science and Engineering , Computer Science and Technology
School of Material Science and Engineering Materials Science and Technology
School of Human Settlement and Civil Engineering Architecture , Civil Engineering , Building Environment and Energy Application Engineering , Environmental Science , Architecture , Urban and Rural Planning , Environmental Science and Engineering
School of Life Science and Technology Biological Engineering , Neurobiology , Cytobiology , Biochemistry and Molecular Biology , Biophysics , Biomedical Engineering , Biology
School of Aerospace Aircraft Design and Engineering , Engineering Mechanics , Aeronautical and Astronautic Science and Technology , Mechanics
School of Management Management Science and Engineering , Management in Energy , Business Administration , Accounting
School of Public Policy and Administration Public Administration
School of Law Law , Laws in Chinese and International Business Law
School of Science Materials Chemistry , Applied Chemistry , Materials Physics , Optical Information Science and Engineering , Applied Physics , Physics , Chemistry
School of Mathematics and Statistics Statistics , Mathematics and Applied Mathematics , Information and Computing Science , Mathematics
School of Foreign Studies English , Japanese , French , Foreign Language Literature
School of Humanities and Social Science Sculpture , Visual Communication Design , Environmental Art and Design , Chinese Language Literature , Calligraphy , Theory of Literature and Art-Chinese Cultural Studies , Education , Sociology , Marxist Theory , Philosophy , Journalism and Communication
School of Finance and Economics Finance , International Economy and Trade , Economics , Economy and Trade , Economic Statistics , E-commerce , Fiscal Science , Financial Engineering , Statistics , Theoretical Economics , Applied Economics
Jinhe Center for Economic Research Economics
School of International Education Chinese Language
School of Software Engineering Software Engineering
Frontier Institute of Science and Technology Chemical Science and Technology , Chemical Engineering and Technology