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1. Foreign Currency Conversion

In China, all of the banks can provide services for foreign currency conversion. Students may convert foreign currencies into RMB or set up a bank account in banks on campus or near the university outside. Among these banks, there are most kinds of foreign currencies offered in the Bank of China. You can search through the link:

2. Wire-transfer

If you are planning to make a wire-transfer money to your bank account in Xi’an, please make sure to prepare some “on-hand” cash to cover the expenses needed for short-term housing, meals, etc.

As it takes several working days for the money- transfer to be completed, we recommend students to carry the amount of cash approximately 6000-10000 RMB (to afford the living expenses, accommodation, meals and transportation fees for nearly one month in Xi’an).

3. Cash Withdraw

There are limitations to the cash you could draw daily with your bank card. Please confirm with your bank before you leave how much you could draw daily in China.