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School of International Education was established in 2006, is responsible for the comprehensive affairs of all the foreigner students which are to formulate and supervise the policies, students recruitment, immigration and logistics, students daily life affairs, coordination of students academic work, undergraduate students program of Chinese language teaching and academic development. School consists of four major functional departments i.e. Administration Office, Admissions Office, International students affairs office, International students housing service and Chinese language teaching department. The staff consists of 21 members, amongst them 12 are functional members and 9 of them are Chinese language teachers. Since the establishment, the school has trained nearly 3,000 outstanding foreign students. Foreigner students are studying in more than 36 major subjects and 10 colleges.

Xi'an Jiaotong University students enrollment has been started since 1959 having more than 50 years of history. At first University recruited the students from the former Soviet Union and Mongolia, and received Vietnamese students in mid-1960s, started to receive Chinese Government Scholarship students in 1989; in 1991, the university started to enroll the self financed students, at the same time started to offer the Chinese language courses for foreigner students and in 1999, Xi'an Jiaotong University started to offer autonomous Scholarship. In April 2000, the State Council decided the merger of original xi’an Medical University and Shaanxi school of Finance into new Xi'an Jiaotong University. So far,Xi'an Jiaotong University is a comprehensive research university offering programs in nine areas—science, engineering, medicine, economics, management, art, law, philosophy and education—with a major emphasis on science and engineering. It includes 20 schools, eight undergraduate residential colleges, and eight affiliated teaching hospitals.

Being first all over the country, University started to teach medical students in English since 1995. School has trained almost 2,000 medical graduate students. In 2005, the Ministry of Education appointed the university for the Interim Provisions of quality control standards of foreign students in undergraduate medical education (English)

In 2011, our school has 1419 students from about 71 different countries. Degree proportion is 71.3% of a total of 1012 people, including 846 undergraduates, 112 masters and 54 doctoral students. In addition, in 2007, our university and the United States Nebraska - Lincoln University (UNL) jointly organized the first overseas Confucius Institute, University of Liverpool in 2009 with the cooperation of overseas Confucius Institute set up a commitment to teaching and cultural exchange at the same time, close cooperation with relevant departments, and actively promote the Chinese Confucius Institute study and cultural exchange activities, which will benefit thousands of local people.

The number of foreigner students reflects the important indicator of University’s international scale. Foreigner students education can not only promote a country's education, research and economic development, but also takes part in the dissemination of national culture, to develop and expand its friendly international influence, etc. In order to implement the "Long-term education reforms and development plan of China (2010-2020)", China Ministry of Education drew out a study plan for foreigner students. Regarding foreigner students, China will become Asia's largest country as the number of students will reach 500,000 by 2020. The university plans to enroll 3000 foreigner students by 2020.