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Tips for International Students on Safety and Self-protection

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Dear all international students;

Several recent accidents involving international students from other universities set off alarm bells for us to raise our awareness of safety and strengthen our ability of self-protection.

Here are brief introductions to the accidents and some useful tips for you to avoid accidents.

I.          Dispute handling

Incident Report:

A Pakistani student from one unknown university disputed with a man who rode an e-bike after he came out of a bar with his Chinese girlfriend in the early morning of July 11th, 2018, and was stabbed by the man with knife. He finally died in hospital.


Do not go to bar for drink.

Do not go out at night, and remember to go back to your apartment or dormitory before 11:00 p.m.

Try to avoid disputes.

Leave asap if you are entangled by strangers.

Contact your instructor for help.

II.       Traffic Accident

Incident Report:

In the morning of May 30th, 2016, a drunk Pakistani student hit his motorbike into the separation area of the road on his way home and a section of steel pipe was inserted into his neck. It cost him ¥100,000 to get recovery.

In the morning of May 28th, 2018, an Iraqi student drove a motorbike home with his girlfriend and collided with a right-turning car at a T-junction. The student was thrown up in the air at least 5 meters high and landed quite a long distance away with 7 fractures in his body. His girlfriend was sent to ICU for emergency treatment.

In the evening of March 24th, 2018, an Ethiopian student bumped into a pregnant woman when he rode a shared bike across the pedestrian, which cost the student’s quite a lot money for the check and compensation of the woman.


It is prohibited for international students to drive motorbike.

Avoid excessive drinking.

Bike or e-bike is not allowed to ride after drinking, not to speak of motorbike driving.

International students are not expected to ride e-bike. People who ride e-bike are more likely to get serious injuries in accidents.

Observe the traffic regulations, In China, traffic keeps on the right of the road, no converse riding or driving, no moving when the light is red, and do not ride on the pedestrians.

Stop at the crossing pedestrian when there are people crossing the road.

Never drive fast and be ready for a brake all the time.

Contact your instructor for help.

III.       Network Fraud

Incident Report:

In July, 2018, a student from Cameroon scammed his Chinese girlfriend out of 6 million yuan. He was sentenced to 14 years in jail with a fine of 140,000yuan, and will be deported after serving the sentences. All the property acquired by deception was frozen and returned back.

In April, 2018, by claiming that he was supervisor of a Vietnamese student and needed the student to help him transfer some money for a bill, a Chinese man cheated 3000yuan from the student.


Do not believe strangers, especially those who ask for money.

Double check before you help others to transfer money online.

International students are strictly forbidden to get involved in any kind of fraud.



Author: Liu Shanshan Lan Xueping


School of International Education

July 11, 2018