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Notice for 2019 Sports Meeting

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The 57th Sports Game of Jiaotong University is coming. For strengthening our students’ health and making their university life more colorful, we strongly recommend all students to participate in this sports event actively.

This event will be held in east campus at April 12, 2019 and it will last for 2 days.

To make sure the sports meeting going on well, the sports classes will suspend on 11st April (Thursday), and all classes will suspend on 12nd ( Friday) and 13rd (Saturday) April. During the 2 days, Students are not allowed to leave school without permission, any leave from the campus should go through the leave procedures otherwise, will be regarded as absent.

Here are listed games:

1, Tracks:100m,200m,400m,800m,1500m,5000m(men)/3000m(women), 110m (men)/100m(women) hurdles,400mhurdles, 4x100mrelay, 4x400mrelay.

2, Fields: high jump, long jump, triple jump, discus throw, javelin throw, shot-put.

3, Team: 20x100 relay mix race (14 boys+6 girls).

20x1min rope skipping

12x3min rope skipping

Each student can only participate in 2 events except relay races. Only 3 athletes from our school can be selected for each event. Only100mhas qualifying match, the rest of the events will only have final match.

Students who want to participate in any of the events mentioned above should register themselves to their instructor before March 20, 2018(Wednesday). We will have a qualifying at 2:30pm, March 22 (Friday) on the sports ground of medical campus to select the best participants for our school. Hope you all will enjoy this game!

International Students Affairs Office

Xi’an Jiaotong University   

March 14, 2019