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Ancient Chinese Poetry Reading Contest

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Ancient Chinese poetry is one of the most impressive and splendid form of literature not only within the country but also around the world, making a profound influence to the worlds philosophy and literature. School of International Education hereby holds an ancient Chinese poetry reading contest to see how you will perform it.

I. Participants

The international students of Xi’an Jiaotong University

II. Prerequisite

1.Students choose one poem and read it in Chinese language;

2.The recorded video is less than 3 minutes (MP4 format). It shall be submitted to the designated;

3. Email them shall include your passport name and student number;

4. Creation is encouraged, for example, background music or subtitles can be added to the video. After reading, you may share your understanding of the poem or the author in Chinese or English. You may also shall a classic poem of your country with the same theme (translation is required).

III. For more details, please contact your Chinese language teacher.

IV. Deadline 15. August, 2020

V. Videos will be published online for voting.

At the end of the year, awards will be awarded to the outstanding students. Everybody is well encouraged to engage into it.

Attachment:60 Ancient Chinese Poetries