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An Invitation Letter for Book Donations

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Xi’an Jiaotong University (XJTU), known as the “Oriental MIT”, is a key university under the direct administration of the Ministry of Education of China. Our university is among the first group of universities included in China’s “Project 211” and “Project 985” to develop into a world-class university.It not only provides intellectual support for the development of Western China, but is also, at full speed, creating an innovation town.

The School ofMechanicalEngineering, a XJTU faculty with a long history and strong research team, takes scientific research and education as priorities, providing an important base for high-level talents training in this discipline, and has gathered a large number of world renowned experts and professors in relevant fields.

The iHarbour Academy of Frontier Equipment (IAFE) is the research and education platform established based on the School of Mechanical Engineering. Located in the north half of Building No.2 of iHarbour, it covers an area of 100,000 square meters. In addition to offices, laboratories, and classrooms, itslibrary -- Window of World Manufacturing (WWM) is also there. WWM has a video space for 20-30 people and a reading space for about 50 people, with a total area of about 300 square meters. It is designed with both Chinese and Western decorative elements, giving every visitor a feeling of classic dignity.

Equipped with a mini-cinema, multi-language books, and electronic books, WWM is also the literature and information center of IAFE. Our plan calls for books of about 170 languages to be collected there, making WWM an integral part of iHarbour in the promotion of scientific and technological innovation and cultural communication.The famous Indian librarian, Shiyali Ramararita Ranganathan, once said, “Every book its reader.” WWM aims to create a reading space where visitors from all over the world are able to read books in their own languages, and IAFE students are able to access world literatures and cultures, as well as international cutting-edge knowledge.

To constructWWMamodern, open, and research-oriented library, a large number of books and materials are needed. Our current collection is still far from meeting the needs of teachers and students, therefore, WWM invites international students to donate books to our library. We hope that international students will donate their books on mechanical engineering. Maybe the books are not so useful for you as it were, but the knowledge contained will be passed on to the next readers together with your love and support. We anticipate that this donation will provide an opportunity for both the staff and Chinese students of IAFE to forge closer links with international students. Through the books and in the library, students can exchange ideas, learn cutting-edge research results in and out of China, and cooperate in their studies, bringing IAFE a harmonious development atmosphere for education, collaborative research, and international exchange.

WWM has first-class hardware facilities and development concepts. As an information, learning, and research center, it will be enriched and become a real “Window of World Manufacturing” with your generous donations.

For book donors:

1. International students who plan to donate books please bring at least two books relevant to mechanical engineering in your native languages to the designated staff of the School of International Education during registration.

2. It will be a long-term donation.

3. A book donation certificate card will be presented to book donators. Your name will also be posted on the School’s website and the LED screen at the School’s lobby.