The epidemic has separated us by physical distance, but it cannot cut off the interchange of our knowledge, culture and wisdom. XJTU welcomes the students from all over the world, gathering under the "cloud" to view the oldest Chinese history, experience the deepest Chinese culture, and learn about the most cutting-edge science and technology, which will help you guys establish a cross-disciplinary and cross-ethnic academic vision.

1.Application Time

December 20th2020 - January 15th,2021

2.Way to Application

Log in to the online application system of XJTU, select "Winter Camp Program", Follow the system application steps and submit the application.

Application system:

3.Application Documents

Photocopy of valid ordinary passport, Application statement(English/Chinese)

4.Target applicants

⟡ Students from XJTU who has no records of being absenteeism, frequently being late, and failing the exams;

⟡ International students from C9 alliance universities;

⟡ Students of Universities Alliance of the Silk Road;

⟡ Other overseas friends, those with Chinese-related competition certificates or medals are preferred;

5.Registration fee

800 RMB/person (free registration fee for students of our school and partner universities)

6.Enrollment Numbers


7.Program duration

January 25th,2021 – January 31st,2021

8.Program Features

⟡ Main courses: Chinese traditional culture + Academic foreground

⟡ Teaching methods: Professors explain the frontiers of science and technology, and professional teachers impart cultural knowledge, combining theory and practice, cloud lectures, cloud discussions and cloud drills.

⟡ Platform: ZOOM

⟡ Language: English

⟡ Schedule(GMT+8)

13:00-14:00(The cloud learning)

Other time(Free online learning)


Embrace the world beyond space limitation-opening ceremony


"Experiencing Xi'an, a thousand years of dream"--History and culture of ancient capital

- Professor Huang Pingan

The history and spirit of Xi'an;

The thought of Confucius


“Photocatalytic Solar Hydrogen Production from Water”-Professor Liu Maochang

The creation of Chinese characters;

Xi'an dialect: Mandarin and dialect


“Combination of body and spirit”--Tai Chi philosophy

- Wang Weifeng

Xi'an architecture through ancient and modern times;

Chinese traditional festivals


“People Don't Know What They Want until You Show it to Them, But When?”

-Associate Professor Xiangyu Chang

Folk customs of Shaanxi;

Dietary Culture of Xi'an


5G Communications: Overview and Practical Applications-Professor Chen Xiaoming

The story of tea

The developing economy of Xi'an


"A Gathering of Stars"-closing ceremony

⟡Assessment method

Post the "Daily Learning Experience" on any platforms and submit the screenshots, which will be a basis for your certificate.


⟡Initiate the topic #XJTU in my eyes# on Instagram or commonly used platform. If the number of participants reaches 100, you can get a customized sweater of our school (Only for those living in China);

⟡Those who perform well can get a "Certificate of Outstanding Performance" (electronic version). Applying for degree programs of XJTU within 2 years, they will be given priority for admission and be exempted from the application fee.