2024 Xi’an Jiaotong University Chinese Language Program

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Xi’an Jiaotong University Chinese Language program focuses on the development of international students' Chinese language foundation and communication skills. The program integrates the Chinese culture into the language teaching to cultivate international students' intercultural communication ability. The program will also help improve students’ level of HSK examination.


●Duration: February, 2024 to January, 2025 (1 academic year)

February, 2024 to July, 2024 (1 semester)

*The specific start time will be specified on the admission letter

●Application time

October1, 2023 to December 15, 2023

●Teaching Mode and Target

For students currently in China's mainland or students from countries that have opened study visa application, courses will be taken offline.

●Fee Structure

1. Application fee: 500 RMB for self-fund, 800 RMB for scholarship. (NOT refundable)

2. Tuition fee: 1 semester: 8,000 RMB; 1 academic year: 15,000 RMB.

*3.Insurance fee: 800 RMB/year.

*4. Accommodation fee: the price varies with the room type you choose. Please refer to http://sie.xjtu.edu.cn/en/SCHOLARSHIPS1/PAYMENT.htm

*Insurance and accommodation fees are only for students studying in China.



1. Above 18 years old, under 45 years old, in good health condition;

2. In possession of valid foreign ordinary passport

●Application Documents

1. Valid ordinary passport

2. Proof of non-criminal record

3. Highest diploma (Chinese/English version)

4. Physical Examination Record for Foreigners and Blood Report

(Please refer to the required format downloaded at http://sie.xjtu.edu.cn/en/Application_Guide/Data_Download.htm)

5. HSK transcript (if have)

*Applicants may be required to submit other documents.


1. Visit online application system: http://isso.xjtu.edu.cn/recruit/login. Please keep an eye on system and email notifications.

2. Register and fill in the application information. Upload scanned application documents to the online application system.

3. Pay the application fee according to the notice. Pre-admitted students need to log in to the application system within the time specified to pay tuition fees in advance. If online payment is not available, the tuition fee should be transferred to the bank account of our university according to application notice, and the scanned remittance receipt should be uploaded to the system. Those who fail to pay the tuition fee in advance within the specified time will be disqualified.

4. Application completes after receiving tuition fees successfully and university will issue admission documents.


●Course Contents

1. Compulsory Course:Intensive Chinese Reading, Spoken Chinese, Chinese Listening, Chinese Reading and Chinese Writing.

2. Elective Course: Chinese Character Writing, Chinese Orthography, Calligraphy, Chinese Painting, Paper-Cutting Art, Chinese Folk Songs, Tai Ji, Business Chinese, Chinese Poetry, Ancient Literature, Modern and Contemporary Literature, History and Development of Chinese Characters, Appreciation of Film and Television, and Selection of Idioms, etc.

3. Language and cultural practices and various contests activities

●Course Level

In order to accurately distinguish the Chinese proficiency of international students, School of International Education will arrange a Chinese proficiency test before the class starts, and classify students into classes according to their Chinese proficiency. The courses are divided into three levels: elementary level, intermediate level and advanced level. Students with outstanding Chinese proficiency can also learn related courses of Chinese language undergraduate major according to the specific situation.

The class period is 20 periods per week.

The program level, course content and learning objectives are set as follows.

Level Expected HSK Level Course Content
Basic 1(Class I) HSK Level 2 or above Comprehensive Chinese, Chinese Listening and Speaking, Chinese Culture -Elementary (Elective)
Basic 2(Class II) HSK Level 3 or above
Intermediate 1(Class III) HSK Level 3 above or reach HSK Level 4 Comprehensive Chinese, Chinese Listening and Speaking, Chinese Reading and writing,Chinese Culture -Intermediate(Elective)
Intermediate 2(Class IV) HSK Level 4 above or reach HSK Level 5
Advanced(Class V) HSK Level 5 above Comprehensive Chinese, Chinese Listening and Speaking, Chinese Reading and writing,Chinese Culture -Advanced(Elective)

●Textbooks:Chinese Course (the third edition),Developing Chinese (the second edition)and self-compiled textbooks.


The course evaluation will include written test or written and oral test. Total grade = 50% of usual grade+40% of final grade+10% of attendance and classroom performance.


●Small class teaching: no more than 25 students in each class

●Certificate of completion: A formal transcript and certificate of completion will be issued to students who have successfully completed their courses.


Students can apply for International Chinese Language Teachers Scholarship, XJTU-Xi’an City Government Belt & Road Scholarship. For more information. Please visit:http://sie.xjtu.edu.cn/en/SCHOLARSHIPS1/XJTU_Xi_an_City_Government_Belt___Road_Scholarshi1.htm

Issued on Sep 27, 2023