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Campus Safety Knowledge Sharing-knowing the Danger and Avoiding the Danger

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Are you outraged by the rampant bicycles on campus, are you frightened by the wrong car that you caught off guard, are you confused by your poor knowledge of traffic safety? On the occasion of the ninth "12·2" Traffic Safety Day across the country, Jiao Xiaoliu came with exclusive traffic safety tips. Come and look down together!


01-Tips on campus traffic safety

1. Walk.This should be the most commonly used way of going outside for most students. The following is Xiao'an's rules for walking on campus:

① Concentrate when walking, don’t look down at the phone, or be a playful “child”

② Observe the traffic rules, walk on the sidewalk and watch the traffic lights; prefer to cross the overpass or the underground passage and go around the long way for fitness, not to be lazy and lucky, take shortcuts and commit risks;

③ Don't shuttle through the concentrated area of vehicles, and don't stay at the entrance and exit of vehicles such as the school gate. After all, when you go around the front and rear of the car, you can see the car, but the car may not see you;

④ Avoid stepping on the manhole cover to prevent danger; walk in bright places at night to ensure your own safety.

Warm reminder: As winter is approaching, there are frequent rainy and snowy weather, so it is necessary to pay attention everywhere on the road.

2. Cycling (bicycles, electric cars) is also very common in campus life,"Riding six no", you deserve to have:

① Riding a bike without distracting, don't wear headphones. Always pay attention to the surrounding situation is what a cyclist should look like;

② Do not ride fast, do not carry people.

③ Do not ride side by side or loosen the handlebars.

Warm reminder: Please do not ride a bike in bad weather. It is very important to your personal safety.

02Tips on travel safety

1. Short-distance travel by public transportation such as buses and subways:

① Wait for the vehicle to enter the station and stop before getting on or off the bus. Before getting on the bus, place the bag in front of you to avoid being caught by the door and you cannot get up or down;

② Don't squeeze by the door of the car after getting in the car, walk in in time, find an empty space and stand firmly and do not stick any part of your body out of the window.

③ Don't walk around randomly, don't deliberately crowd.

2. Long-distance travel by high-speed rail, train, plane and other public transportation:

① Arrange travel routes and buy tickets in advance;

② When preparing luggage, pay attention to whether the transportation you take allows special items to be carried, or the consignment methods and procedures;

③ Obey the arrangement of attendants during the trip.

3. Traveling by taxi, online car-hailing, private car or other transportation or self-driving:

① Don't take the "car" without operating qualification or an overcrowded vehicle.

② If traveling by car, pay close attention to the surrounding environment, control the speed of the vehicle, and maintain the distance between the vehicles.

③ During driving, do not overtake the lane, follow the rules of meeting cars, and act in accordance with traffic rules.

Warm reminder: When traveling during special periods, please remember to wear a mask and follow the instructions of the staff.

03 Fulfill the duty of supervision, brave the sword and not be a bystander.

The gentleman does not stand under the dangerous wall. If you find that there are traffic violations (chasing and racing, drunk driving, fatigue driving, etc.) or dangerous driving behaviors that constitute dangerous driving crimes, I hope you can come forward, whether it is to call the police, It is still to stop persuasion, maybe one of your small actions can save a life and protect a happy family life. Your every effort will be our greatest motivation to carry out justice to the end.

Don't let indifference become a habit, we work hard together.

——Have you learned all the above?

We hope everyone can go to school (work) happily and return home safely. Don’t let the people who have been waiting for you home worry about you.


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编辑/韩 龙