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Bad time,good hope—A letter to XJTU International Students outside China

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Dear students,

Hope this letter finds you well!

This autumn semester will come to an end on 24th, Jan. and the COVID-19 pandemic is still separating us thousands of miles apart. As winter vacation approaches, our School of International Education would like to extend the sincerest regards to all the international students who are unable to return to China due to the Coronavirus.

Your learning draws our concern all the time. Students have surmounted continuous difficulties, insisted on participating in online learning, completed various tasks, advanced your research earnestly and worked harder to help yourselves out of the pandemic impact. We truly understand it's not easier. Just recently, our school, the Office of Teaching Affairs and the professional schools held a meeting trying to find solutions to the problems that students have faced in the online courses. Please continue to contact with your supervisors and departments, work hard as you were in school and complete assignments punctually. All of your greatest efforts today will turn into harvests in future!

Your safety is our greatest concern as well. You and your families are kindly reminded of holding from unnecessary travels, taking self-protection measures, remaining a good mood and living pleasantly through this winter vacation. Concerns from your instructor will continue via WeChat, video and voice messages!

Due to current policy in China, you are temporally unable to return. At the coronavirus press conference, the General Secretary of WHO stated that the latest progress in vaccination is making our future brighter and brighter. At the regular press conference on 31st, Dec, 2020, China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs mentioned that China will produce a comprehensive plan for foreign students outside China to resume their study in China with the prerequisite of ensuring safety of pandemic prevention. We wish you can adjust yourselves, understand, support each other and give priority to life!

We strongly believe that the current difficulties are only temporary. No matter where you are, we hope that you will keep our university motto in mind: “study assiduously, resolve to succeed, act decisively, and manage affairs with magnanimity”. We hope that you will advocates patriotism, collectivism, heroism and optimism. We believe that you and your family observe the local pandemic prevention and control policies and jointly form a strong community to fight against pandemic with a positive attitude and powerful action to welcome the arrival of spring.

Although we are far away from each other, we are always together by heart and hand. Xi'an Jiaotong University has been always concerned with you, our university will always be your greatest support. Next semester, we will continue to conduct online teaching. Please contact your instructor on February 27 and 28 for online registration and class will officially start from 1st, Mar.

Let us work together for going ahead!

Looking forward to meeting you in our campus!

School of International Education

Xi’an Jiaotong University

January 23, 2021