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Notice on Resumption of Schooling for Spring Semester of 2020-2021 academic year

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To all international students,

The spring semester of 2020-2021 academic year approaches. In accordance with Xi’an Jiaotong University’s general schedule and for purposes of ensuring international students returning safety and regular sequences of study and research, the issues of the spring semester are hereby notified below,

I. Schedule

International students currently dwelling in China are kindly requested to return for offline registration from February 27thto 28th. Please log into system,, for submitting application for returning in advance and you could return since approved.

Students who are still outside China plus those who are in the middle or high risk regions within 14 days before returning China are not allowed to return temporarily. Please log into for overdue returning and contact your instructor for online registration from February 27 to 28.

Please note that classes will launch since Monday, March 1. Please prepare for it and attend punctually.

II. Prerequisites for Returning

Not any individual is allowed to return before his or her application approved by university.

Students who arrive from low-risk areas in China and haven’t any record of living in high and medium risk areas 14 days before returning could apply for returning with the green one of Xi'an municipal QR code.

Within 14 days before returning, students in their own locations or in low-risk areas, including districts and counties of municipalities directly under the central government, with a record of living in medium and high-risk areas should apply for returning with report of nucleic acid tests negative within 7 days and the green one of Xi'an municipal health QR code.

Students with fever, cough, fatigue, sore throat, diarrhea and other symptoms will be not allowed to return temporally. They apply for returning with the report of nucleic acid test negative within 7 days and the green one of Xi'an municipal QR code after the symptoms above cured.

Students who are in the middle or high-risk areas within 14 days before returning are not allowed to return temporally. They could apply to return with the report of nucleic acid test negative within 7 days and the green one of Xi'an municipal QR code after the areas above altered to low-risk ones.

Students who could not return due to epidemic prevention and control or certain reasons should apply for leave from university and participate into online learning.

A qualified testing agency for nucleic acid testing will be accepted if needed and it could be refunded once by your receipts.

III. Requests

1. Please track your body temperature 14 days before returning and fill in the daily health report timely.

2. Students with the initial campus code of either Green or yellow could log into for filling in personal details, travel reports and return tickets for submitting your return application and hold the green campus code after university’s approval.

3. Students who could not return timely are requested to log into, fill in reschedule details as requested and submit application for overdue return. Another return will be rearranged by School of International Education.

4. You will be in advance informed if epidemic situation updated or the prevention and control requirements revised.

IV. Documents

1.Your personal valid documents, passport, student ID card while freshmen must bring admission notices.

2. Personal stuffs for protection, prepare appropriate amount of masks, gloves, disinfection products (hand free disinfectant, alcohol wipes), etc., in particular with it for trip.

3. Personal daily necessities: your own lunch table wares are strongly recommended in order to build a green campus and avoid cross infection.

V. Notes for Your Trip

1. Personal protection

On your way back to university, try to less accompanies and luggage, wear masks throughout your way, avoid wandering in crowded or poorly ventilated locations, be well aware of passengers’ health status around you and avoid close contacts with strangers.

2. Emergency

International students who have been approved to return should terminate if your municipal health QR code turns yellow or red, or if they have abnormal symptoms like fever before departure. International students who have departed should follow the local policy and inform your instructors punctually if you have got close contacts with the confirmed or suspected cases after receiving the local notice on their way back to university. Please report to your instructor immediately and go to the nearest designated hospital for tests if you have fever and other symptoms on your way back.

VI. Tips for Entrances and Exits

1.The gates below will be available after your entrance,

Xingqing Campus, South Gate, Southwest Gate, Southeast Gate, west gate of Teaching Section 2.

Yanta Campus, North and West Gate of Medical Campus, North Gate of Finance and Economics, East Gate of living area.

Qujiang Campus, Entrance of West No.3 apartment building.

Innovation harbor Campus, Entrance of Heyuan, Section A, Huiyuan, Section B and langyuan, Section C.

2. Freshmen should hold admission notice and the green code of Xi'an municipal code and old students’ campus code, ID card and body temperature should be checked in entrances and exits. Outsiders are not allowed to enter campuses.

3. Please do not wander after entering campus and go directly for registration. With dormitory staffs’ assistance, clearances and properly handling with old masks and other wastes used during your trip will be conducted.

Xingqing Campus: Yard of dorms building west 13

Yanta Campus: Medical dormitory building

Innovation harbor Campus: in front of B5 dormitory building

4. Wash hands and disinfect first, open the window for ventilation, take off the coat for drying and disinfect dorms should be autonomously manipulated after your entrance.

VII. Notes after New Semester Begins

1. Campus management

Campuses will not be open to outsiders and students who live in campus are not allowed to travel outside. Students are advised to reduce takeaway and online shopping and delivery men are not allowed to enter campuses as well.

2. Students’ management off campus

After entering the campus, students who live outside campus should try their best to reduce any mobility, not to go to places unrelated to study and research, and not to enter dorms. In your residential area, please obey the community rule, do well in personal protection, and fill in the daily health report punctually.

3. Health management

You should report your body temperatures via health daily report system every day and pay close attention to your physical condition from the second day of your registration. Your instructor or university hospital should be contacted by 029-82668411 in case of fever, respiratory tract and other abnormal conditions found.

4. Dormitory management

The rule of entrances and exits of dorms will be strictly managed, and non-residents of building are not allowed to enter. They are not allowed to visit or gather as well and remain proper social distances.

VIII. Teaching Agenda

Our university will implement online and offline teaching to ensure that every student complete the corresponding learning tasks according to status of returned students.

Appendix: A Guidance for students of Xi'an Jiaotong University to use the management system of returning during epidemic

Xi’an Jiaotong University

School of International Education

24th February 2021