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Notice on Winter Vacation of 2021

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To all international students in China,

According to the higher authorities’ notice and the university’s demands, the winter vacation of 2021 and relevant issues are hereby notified.

I. Vacation and Registration

1. The winter vacation lasts from January 25 to February 26.

2. The registration is during 8 am-12 am and 2 pm-6 pm on Saturday, February 27thand Sunday, February 28th. Classes will officially begin on Monday, March 1st.

3. No one is allowed to register for others. Those who are unable to register punctually are strictly requested to ask for leave from our School of International Education and your academic departments with evidences. Those who fail to register without asking for leave will be treated as absence.

II.Epidemic PreventionControl and Holiday Safety

1. No one will be in principle allowed to leave Xi’an city in the winter vacation due to serious coronavirus cases abroad and a few coronavirus cases detected within China.

2. Students on campus are not allowed to go outside unless it is necessary. The university entrances and exits will be strictly enforced. Everyone ought to cooperate with the gatekeepers for temperature tests and inspections. Students off campus are not permitted to enter university in principle

3. You are requested to apply to your instructors if you do need to leave Xi’an, and your destination, vehicles, route and emergency contacts shall be offered to your instructors before your departure. Those who depart from Xi’an in the winter vacation should follow up the local policy of prevention and control, and cannot come back to the university ahead of the start of the new term. You are also requested to follow up the rules of relevant tests and quarantine of our university when new semester resumed.

4. Please protect yourselves individually, gather less, do not travel outside China, and do not go to high-risk regions of China. Students who have to go to the places above should obtain approvals from our School of International Education and your academic departments. Please protect yourselves well with tracking your health, and manipulate tests and quarantine after your return. Please follow the local authority’s schedule and timely report to our university in case of any emergency.

5. Students should fill in health daily report timely and report to your instructor if any fever, cough and other abnormalities or emergencies occur.

6. Winter is a critical period for fire risk, so please beware of fire safety. Nobody is allowed to use high-power electrical appliances in dorm or at university.

7. Please take priority of your property safety as online fraud occurs frequently in recent months.

III. Teachers on Duty

During the winter vacation, our university implements 24 hours duty. During daytime, teachers will be on duty on floor 9, block A, Foreign Language Building, Xing Qing campus, North Building of Girls’ dorm, Medical campus and Office 2096, Building One of IHarbor campus. Teachers will also be on duty in dorms at night.

IV. Your Holiday Routine

We strongly advise that each student should plan reasonably, cherish time and enjoin a wonderful holiday.

1. Keep on exercising. Please go out as less as it could be, don’t go to crowded places, wear masks and protect yourself. You are advised to keep on exercising, enhance immunity and remain healthy.

2. Make a reasonable plan. Learning is like sailing and you may fall behind if not. We strongly hope everybody could take most advantages of the holiday, set your own learning goals, create a feasible plan and make a proper schedule.

3. Live a regular life. There is ununified teaching in holiday. We hope that everybody can maintain a regular life, sleep and wake up early to guarantee you are energetic every day so as to achieve your plans and goals.

4. Develop your hobbies. Under pressure of your study, you may fail to accomplish a lot of things due to shortage of time. Why not make full use of this holiday to pick up a language or skill to enrich your life. Finally, we wish you a healthy and rich holiday!

School of International Education

Xi’an Jiaotong University

January 23, 2021