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A Series of Chinese Culture Courses for Medical Students of Grade 2014

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November 18, 2014 afternoon, accompanied by student who just finished drawing their last Chinese opera mask, after a period of three weeks experiencing Chinese culture series lessons ended.

To enrich the new university life, display colorful Chinese culture, improve the enthusiasm of the freshman on Chinese learning, the school of international education of XJTU offers a series of Chinese culture courses for first-year medical students every year to enrich their experience in that aspect. These courses not only can they show Chinese characteristic to students, but can also make students participate and experience the fun of Chinese culture.

This year, SIE held two lectures concerning experiences in Chinese culture for 114 freshmen medical students of Grade 2014, from Bahrain, Kuwait, to Thailand, Malaysia, Sweden, Yemen, Pakistan, Ecuador, Cameroon, India, Lesotho, South Africa, Afghanistan, Sultan, Nepal etc.15 countries. The first lecture was talking about facial makeup of Beijing opera and the second lecture was talking about Chinese painting.

The first lecture was talking about history of facial makeup of Beijing opera which has a long history dating 200 years ago. Chinese opera is a very comprehensive art, which integrates the elements of literature, music, dancing, martial arts and fine arts. Painted face which is a main & central component of performance reflects the style and characteristics of different role and setting in the opera. The roles in Beijing opera are classified into four categories, first being Sheng that means male role, second is Dan that means female role, third is Jing that means painted face male role and fourth is Chou that means clown role. At the end of the lecture the students practiced by painting f ace like Chinese opera.

The second lecture was talking about Chinese painting which is an ancient art from that developed in China hundreds of years ago and has recently gained new popularity among artists all over the world. The style and technique of Chinese painting have varied greatly over the years from very detailed portraits to painting of flowers. Different flowers can symbolize a number of things such as good fortune, good luck, wisdom, summer, old age and sweetness. Finally, students were painting different flowers to express about something.