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Liverpool Confucius Institute successfully hosted Mandarin Teaching Workshop

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On 25 April 2015, Liverpool Confucius Institute (LCI)successfully hosted Mandarin Teaching Workshop for school teachers from Liverpool—Merseyside area. Twenty three Mandarin Teachers from local schools and weekend Mandarin centres attended the workshop.

In his Welcome speech, LCI Deputy Director John Tasker said, ‘LCI organised this workshop to establish a platform so that Mandarin teachers in the region can exchange views on Mandarin teaching and work together to promote Mandarin teaching in the area.’

In the morning session, Ms Zhou Hu, Mandarin Head teacher from Upton Hall School and Ms Liping Zhang, Mandarin Head teacher from Blue Coat School delivered lectures on Mandarin course development, classroom management, Chinese characters and grammar teaching. In the afternoon’s group discussion, the teachers discussed topics such as how to arouse the student’s learning motivation, teaching the Chinese phonetics system (Pinyin) and how to teach a class more effectively when the students vary in their Mandarin level. After the discussion, LCI Chinese Deputy Director Dr Peng Tian introduced the newly developed teaching Recourse Data for Mandarin teaching.

The workshop received very positive feedback from the participants, who expressed that they benefited a lot from the workshop, and hoped that LCI would continue to hold such workshops in the future. (from The Confucius Institute at University of Liverpool)