XJTU Pre-admission Letter Application Guide

for Chinese Government Scholarship (Only for Type-A Applicants)

I.To Whom We Issue

Applicants who wish to apply for Chinese Government Scholarship Type-A Bilateral Program or Designated Scholarship Programs, such as EU/AUN Programs, etc., through dispatching authorities in applicant’s home country for overseas study at Xi’an Jiaotong University.

For more details, please consult the dispatching authorities or visit:https://www.campuschina.org/scholarships/index.html?k=Chinese%20Government%20Scholarships

II.Pre-admission Application Procedure

a)Visit http://sie.xjtu.edu.cn/sqzn/sqcx.htm to view XJTU Application Guide for your target program and prepare application documents as required.

b)Log in XJTU online application system, create application account. Select Chinese Government Scholarships-Bilateral/Great Wall/EU/AUN etc. Programs-Type A from the list of your target program. Fill in application information and upload application documents. Online application system: http://isso.xjtu.edu.cn/recruit/login

c)After submission your application, university may send notes to your registered email through application system. Please check for further updates regularly.

d)University will issue Pre-admission Letter via email if you pass the review.

e)Visit www.campuschina.org to submit the online application, select Xi’an Jiaotong University for‘Application Institution I’ , finish application as required by the dispatching authorities before the deadline.


i. Applicants for Type-A do not need to pay application fee to XJTU. ii. Online application is the only way to submit the application to XJTU. Hard copies are unacceptable.


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