School of International Education is responsible for the comprehensive affairs of all the foreigner students which are to formulate and supervise the policies, students recruitment, immigration and logistics, students daily life affairs, coordination of students academic work, undergraduate students program of Chinese language teaching, academic development and also responsible for the Confucius Institute of Foreign Language Teaching and other related work.

School consists of four major functional departments i.e. Administration Office, Admissions Office, International students affairs office, International students housing service and Chinese language teaching department.

Administration office

Is responsible for schools daily affairs i.e. formulation, supervision and implementation of the policies, personal evaluation, encouragement, coordinate between school’s internal and external affairs, office automation, news publication, organizing schools administrative meetings regarding official paperwork, the official document drafting, registration, correspondence between receiving and dispatching, circulation for perusal, documents volume set up and filing-up, school’s presents, the publicity material, the purchase, approval, registration and storage of the office use equipments, management of the foreign students’ information archive and reporting, preservation of kinds of document; arrangement of the school’s official transport use, assisting finance department for the collection of tuition and housing fee and to assist the financial supervisory work, communication between the school and the higher authorities, arrangement of the short-term exchange project of the two Confucius institutes of XJTU i.e. University of Nebraska Confucius institute and University of Liverpool Confucius institute UK and is also responsible to Complete all other works handed over by the leadership.

The International students’ affairs office

Is responsible for the daily affairs of all of the foreigner students i.e. Drafting and revision of documents about foreigner students’ education and management; foreign student's psychological brought up, Supervision of foreigner students’ residence registration, immigration affairs and Visa extension and interchange, the foreigner students’ enrollment and graduation affairs, educating the laws regarding education and the foreign affairs to the new students, arrangement of the health examination of the new students by the quarantine bureau, the scholarship encouragement and on the contrary disciplinary actions, the school’s co-curricular and public activities, the dealing of foreigner students’ legal affairs and sudden unexpected incidents, yearly confirmation of degree students population and their majors with admission office, keeping the new students information record, to supervise the in time payment of school and hostel dues by the foreigner students, organize the short term projects with the admission office and is also responsible to Complete all other works handed over by the leadership.

Admission office

Is responsible for the admissions of the foreigner students including Chinese language students, medical students, intercollegiate exchange students, government scholarship students etc, The admission office is also responsible for international cooperation and exchange affairs, response to the external queries, publication of the school’s publicity materials, drafting the cooperation programs with other institutions, Contacting the China scholarship Council for Chinese government scholarship program, the formulation of the admission criterion, the verification of qualification documents, the coordination between the new student, the related specialty and undergraduate and post graduate academic departments, handling the procedure regarding the foreigner students entrance and admission to the school, the reporting of the qualified graduate students to China scholarship council and Department of education of the Shaanxi province, putting on record the Verification and approval of the qualified students, cooperation with schools internal functional departments and the related specialties on admission affairs, Assisting the Dean in communication and liaison with higher authorities and is also responsible to Complete all other works handed over by the leadership.

International students housing service

Is responsible for the foreign students boarding and logistics, formulation of the documents and regulations about logistics management and ; the management of the foreigner student's academics, drafting of all kinds of academic documents, the evaluation, verification and reporting of self financed students for the award of scholarship, for the supervision of the instructor's daily education and management, establishment of the foreign students record files, the dealing of foreigner students’ legal affairs and sudden unexpected incidents, Assisting the Dean in communication and liaison with higher authorities, the organization of the school’s co-curricular and public activities and is also responsible to Complete all other works handed over by the leadership.

Chinese language teaching department

Is responsible for the teaching of Chinese language to all of the foreigner students including; long and short term students, preparatory course students and intercollegiate exchange students.

Chinese language teaching department is responsible for curriculum setting and teaching plan, for Chinese teaching research projects, formulation and revision of Chinese teaching rules and regulations, drafting the work plan and work summary, arrangement of academic schedule and teaching plan for long and short term Chinese teaching courses, arrange the elective and short-term courses, storage, purchase and delivery of the teaching material , books, the audio and video material and instructional instruments; Chinese language teaching quality control through inspection and the appraisal, selection, evaluation and training of the professional teachers as well as part-time teachers, the liaison with the office of the Chinese language council international and Chinese language teaching departments of other universities, the award of certification after the long and short term Chinese language students are graduated, and is also responsible to Complete all other works handed over by the leadership.

 Last updated date: 23/August/2021